All color in “Headland” was copied and pasted from photographs taken on a Summer 2011 trip with the Chinese Exploration Research Society by Dr. Brad Mogen of the UWRF Biology department. The inspiration for this piece was the concept of Permaculture; the study of natural and productive, systematic functions of relationships in an environment. These photographs were taken from a trip that was focused on promoting eco-tourism in the small villages of Yunnan Province, China. These photographs were representative of functional plant systems that exist in the fields, cities, and mountainous regions of the Yunnan Province. Therefore, the colors used in the piece provide some realism to what colors would exist in a landscape that combines the urban environment with the natural environment.
Line, shape, and color were spaced strategically in the image to convey a sense of functionality. The integration of line is spaced in such a way that the viewer can feel free to look around, in and out of the head. Color adds to the functionality of where man-made constructions combine with natural constructions in order to contribute to the world to which these hardworking characters live. Shape is distanced, enlarged, or put into perspective to add dimensionality and then spaced to emphasize energy in a functional environment. With line, shape, and color combined the viewer is encouraged to see a surrealistic perfection inside the world of Permaculture; inside Headland.


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