Job Development

Students are breaking into research that supports our Earth and the demands of the human system. MIT’s Eben Bayer brings a new solution to the table that combats that damages of Styrofoam on the Earth’s respiratory system and brings the potential for residential jobs in farming communities. His solution lies in the system of mycelium of the mushroom. The growth of the mycelium depend on the waste of food stocks.
These food stocks are local based so that there is room for continuous growth. This solution has great potential for providing a place to work for many Americans who are currently jobless. The questions that can be asked here are: What kinds of jobs are being provided in my own city? And how can my local University get a program started in my town? I challenge community members of America and anywhere else that has access to resources, to get involved in making sure your city,town,or village, has sustainable places to work so that you may keep a sustainable economy!

Watch this video,courtesy of, to find out more!


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