2012’s Midwest Organic Sustainable Education Service Conference

MOSES 2012

2012’s Midwest Organic Sustainable Education Service Conference was a good start to becoming a young urban agriculturalist. Despite little access to the Permacultural Institute, the conference was a resource and networking hub that introduced the experienced farmer to the amateur. Both demographics could participate in workshops hosted by representatives from Johnny’s Seed Company to Nature’s Organic Valley. Hallways, corridors, and conference rooms were filled with a cornucopia of people from different agricultural backgrounds, occupations, and visions. As a young agriculturalist, there were some visions that were more noticeable than others.
Being able to meet representatives from Growing Power Inc was a rewarding experience. Will Allen’s representatives were there to sell worm castings, honey and other well-known products of their community-engaging, and economically productive learning facility. Visitors of this booth could also be updated on the development of Growing Power’s newest institution that is to top any urban agricultural facility in the Midwest. Complete with solar panels, indoor vertical gardens, and workshop space, this is bound to be a success.
It was being able to share the vision of a future community that is self-sufficient, economically successful, and forever sustainable with the passionate, motivating and influential people of organizations like Growing Power and Food Core. This experience inspires me to continue forward in the very endeavor of making our society strong. The MOSES Conference has reminded me of my newest definition of the institution as a place of productivity for the community it sits in. The time I have now at the University of Wisconsin- River Falls is meant for research and development for the benefit of my city, state, country, and global community. Full steam ahead!


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