A World Without Water: A Global Takeover?

A World Without Water: A Global Takeover

Photo courtesy of Jehad Nga for the New York Times

Photo courtesy of Jehad Nga for the New York Times

This article was published today , January 13, 2013 and was written by the Prime Minister of Tanzania, Mizengo Pinda, and posted by Craig Mackintosh on PermacultureNews.org. In the letter Pinda talks about the origin and the potential damage of privatizing something as important as water. In Tanzania, people will have the opportunity to vote for or against the control of water; of life by The World Bank. I see this article as a reminder of how some of the basic freedoms of humanity have the potential to be taken away by humans themselves; humans in professional positions of power. We must prepare to have laws against us doing the beautiful things we do as permaculturalists.

The World Bank logo

The World Bank logo

We must prepare to fight against laws that prohibit producing, and attracting sustenance; laws against free community programming about self-sufficiency; and laws against living without paying . This issue is far too close to home. Corporations like The World Bank are what sparked Occupy movements across the world. These corporations need people to provide them with the visions of the pain and suffering this policy will cause. We must create a community from advocates to lobbyists, doctors to athletes, artists to farmers, and everyone in between that will all stand up against corporations taking the control of the right to sustain life and the right to control water! Provided in the article is an hour long documentary about the impact of such a policy. So sit down with a buddy, some popcorn and enjoy!


One Comment to “A World Without Water: A Global Takeover?”

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    Is this an ethical way to make profits? John Stuart Mill’s articulation of the Harm Principle On Liberty gave a great explaination of how to decipher between freedom and harm. He argued that, ” The only purpose for which power can be rightfully exercised over any member of a civilized community, against his will, is to prevent harm to others.” This proposal goes beyond the confines of needed social, environmental, and economic awareness and its opportunistic endeavors must be denied. In a nation that is stable, I can only hope that it is unanimously decided that this is proposal is harmful to the freedoms of many. May true justice prevail.

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