Talent, Friends and Entrepreneurship

Talent, Friends and Entrepreneurship

Picture clip from Pha's video

Picture clip from Pha’s video

 Pha Chau is a fellow Eagan Highschool alumni who has years previous expressed great skill in the graphic arts. The use of line, color, and movement are used in a manner to display a sense of humor along with meticulous attention to detail. As a fellow collegue in the arts department at EHS, it is reasuring  to see other aspiring artists work hard in order to earn their dream of producing magnificent work.

It’s important that our generation sticks together in understanding processes that we use in order to produce great products. From the relationships that we form with our unofficial collegues we must create a community in which we share resources such as knowledge, technological skill, and equitable trade. Here, we must celebrate the talents that we all have by sharing our achievements as individual entrepreneurs. Keep up the work Pha Chau!


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