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March 28, 2013

Heineken Beer House: A Product Applying to Today’s Needs

Heineken Beer House: A Product Applying to Today’s Needs

By observing today’s commercials we see the incessant display of our desires being marketed to us as needs. In a country of addicted consumers, where do we draw the line in purchasing things that are actually relevant to what we need? Better yet, what the world needs? To address housing and recycling needs, Heineken came up with an ingenious idea to produce a product that could be re-used as building bricks for homes.

I see this as a model action from an industry as large and as powerful as Heineken. What if functional design was used in just about all the products we buy on the day-to-day basis? What if water bottles had attachable parts that were meant for creating flotation devices rather than someones capitalistic scheme?  What if the technology we used was designed to be kept for longer than a few months? What if our clothing was meant to actually fit our bodies rather than the status-quo? As we become greater consumers with our own producing power, lets think more about functional design as a grand part to the solution to the many problems facing humanity. Thank you Heineken –Brost!

March 22, 2013

Imagery of the Spring Equinox

springImagery of the Spring Equinox

March 6, 2013

Finding Arcologic Inspiration and Application

A touch of Green via Facebook

Photo found on a Touch of Green via Grow Food Not Lawns

Photo found on a Touch of Green via Grow Food Not Lawns

A beautiful collection of arcologic applications. Lots of these spaces are far too expensive for the average person and its why we should find ways to make them accessible. I will find a way for I feel I have no choice. Observe the wide array of plants, heights, and geographic locations for the potential placement of food. Oh glorious food. Join theses guys in the Grow Food Movement by liking, following and applying to your community.

An update for more tips and references: You can follow Tariq Tanveer, designer of the garden walls by visiting his facebook: or his website at:

The idea of a rotisserie wall posted on A Touch of Green

The idea of a “rotisserie” wall posted on A Touch of Green