Report Back From Kingian Nonviolence Training in Rochester New York: School 17

Work continues to be done in the around the nation in effort to promote peace and solidarity. Jonathan Lewis aka. “GLOBE”, organizes with activists to train on how to brake the cycle of violence that dwells in our vulnerable communities. This kind of work is essential if we are to influence the necessary changes in our world. This page is a link to just one of the many stories of success in our mission to empower the beloved community lead by GLOBE and many others.


When Jonathan “GLOBE” Lewis invited Cynthia Wanjiku and I to join him in Rochester, New York for a Kingian Nonviolence training of the administration, teachers, and students of school “17,” I was both skeptical and nervous because I have never conducted a training like this before. I questioned what it is that I have to offer given that I had not completed the training myself nor had I read all the material. However, as I completed the readings I began to see why Globe selected me; it was because I am an activist and I also practice many of the principles that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. proposed, and I also share many of his thoughts—though less developed. I was full of fear about how helpful I could be to the students, but I was also excited to work with a group of youth who were interested in solving the…

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  1. Thank you for the love and for sharing the love.

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