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August 31, 2015

The hero of this comic book is a single, black mother raising her super-powered son

YEs YEs YEs!


In the comic book Raising Dion, Nicole, a widowed, black single mother, dedicates her energy to raising and chronicling the life of her son, Dion, a seven-year-old boy with a bevy of inexplicable superpowers. With Dion, getting dressed in the morning turns into a frantic chase as he teleports around the apartment, playtime involves bouts of uncontrolled telekinesis, and timeouts are thwarted by the boy’s ability to render himself invisible.

Though she loves her son to death, Nicole realizes that unless she guides him properly, his abilities could easily overwhelm her and expose their secret to the world. Rather than freak out, Nicole does what she can to teach Dion about what she means when she says that he could be a superhero one day.

“How do you protect him from the world?” Nicole asks in the cinematic trailer for the comic book. “First, never take your eyes off of him…

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August 14, 2015

Not in Wisconsin Anymore

This post is about friends being proud of friends. When it comes to living a life of adventure with grand purpose, my friend Amy is doing it big. She has packed her life up and moved to one the most isolated, most beautiful and mysterious places: Alaska. Good luck Amy! I am so proud of you.


Hello everybody!  It is good to get back here and update my shenanigans from over the last week. It feels as if I have been absent for over a month! Time is almost non-existant….the sun is at odds with my psyche, and the world is much larger than before.

But let me go back to where we left off:

Lets see…during our last episode, I was packing things up and learning how to suck the air out of my clothing bags.

I want to thank my hardcore sister Elizabeth for helping me organize, pack, and ship my entire life up to Nulato.  Her guidance and instruction helped me to be efficient while expiditing the hardest move I have had throughout the last 25 years.

20150801_100430 Look at how sweet my sister Libby is. I on the other hand, am stressed beyond belief at this point.

Once all of my stuff was…

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