March 2, 2014

What To Do With Parks

A glimpse of NY designers vision of an underground park

A glimpse of NY designers vision of an underground park

 If we can utilize space for leisurely parks, imagine what we could do with food in our houses! I find the lighting technique to be spectacular in concentrating the power of the sun. These entrepreneurs are showing what we can do with socio-enviro-economically conscious city planning.

February 13, 2014

Headland Sculpture

Headland Sculpture

In the planning stages of finally taking on Headland‘s real life creation, this project is long overdue. It’s process represents bringing life to the many conceptions that are born within our imagination. Headland takes on the challenge of enveloping the many conventions we enjoy on a commercial level and highlights the potential of  using the “micro-scapes” that exist in the biological world in forming a functional society that supports the needs of human communities. By using 3-D line, shape, and form, with a clay model, I plan on finally creating a living representation of Headland. Stay tuned for prototypes.

December 28, 2013

Harvest Cafe: paddock to plate, for real

December 8, 2013

“The Talisman”. Interview with Mythologist Willi Paul by Derek Joe Tennant,

As the holidays go on this season, I can’t help but feel the need to create new holiday traditions. I not only want to enjoy some of the treats provided by the Christian tradition, but also from other traditions like Pagan, Hindu, and Jewish holiday traditions. Not only do I have the desire to participate, but also the desire to stir up the positive messages of these age-old religions. 23 years of celebrating the same tradition has sparked the inspiration to articulate the values to be learned during the seasons.

I want to go beyond wishing for a White Christmas, or hearing Santa come down from the rooftop. Now is a time for the anthem of wishes to become the anthem of needed actions. Now is the time to support local stores, build needed structures, to have inclusive love, and access to health for the present and future. The importance of reflection is one value that has been slowly buried by the out-dated chaos of our culture. Perhaps the time provided by our newly created holidays will be bi-weekly versus every couple of months and be transparent with the strategy to “power up” not just our economic infrastructure but also our social and environmental infrastructure.

Willi Paul expresses this exact need in his interview with Derek Joe Tennant along with all of his other posted works. Visit for more info!


[ open myth source ]


Just before his death Joseph Campbell was interviewed by Bill Moyers and that interview was later turned into the documentary, “The Power of Myth.” In this interview he postulated the idea that humanity was in need of new mythologies. Ones that were not rooted in the ancient world as all our current ones are. But myth’s that would help us navigate this new and strange world we are creating.”

Willi, I know you have lots of ongoing projects going. Please tell us about them. Magazine (1st Gen site) (2nd Gen site) (3rd Gen Site)

Myth Lab (9 completed) is an ongoing process to produce New Myths

New Myths (50 published to-date)

Interviews with Thought Leaders (~ 450 published)

eBooks (13 released)

Videos (135 posted)

Children’s Institute for New Mythology

Workshops and Consultation

I want to know more about Myth Lab; in particular, we all tell ourselves…

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December 5, 2013

The Future of Biophotovoltaics

The Future of Biophotovoltaics

In America’s race to search for sustainable energy, research scientists are looking toward the energy released in the process of photosynthesis as our future power source. Vertical spaces, from houses to skyscrapers, and horizontal spaces, from open land to oceans, could set the stage as the potential biophotovoltaic centers that power our communities. Imagination and innovation meet again to produce a scientific wonder as a step into a future run on plants.

December 4, 2013

Permaculture Design Course (PDC) Europe 2014

This is a generous amount of information provided by TreeYo Permaculture.

TreeYo Permaculture

Another course back in Coastal Portugal!!!!  Great Journey we go on there.

via Permaculture Design Course (PDC) Europe 2014.

via Permaculture Design Course (PDC) Europe 2014.

via Permaculture Design Course (PDC) Europe 2014.

The Campground

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December 4, 2013

20 Gift ideas for a Planet-Friendly Christmas

Merry Christmas Ya’ll. I believe these ideas are also great for continuous gifts year round!

November 24, 2013

21 Ways Rich People Think Differently

I have been constantly fighting the thoughts of an “Average” person. I find this to be the id in the fight with id and ego. It is culturally influenced and has been influenced and is still being influenced. I have fallen into the depths of going to college, going to college has created college debt, the creation of college debt has manufactured the need to work this debt off. Along with working the debt, I have to find a way to support myself. There are still many opportunities however to achieve economic fufillment. I believe a key element to empowering the self and cool the conflict between id and ego is to be adventurous and creative. People like Jay Z and Oprah have gone through many a rough patches related to linear thinking and have found ways, before and after they hit it rich, that got them where they are today.


World’s richest woman Gina Rinehart is enduring a media firestorm over an article in which she takes the “jealous” middle class to task for ‘drinking or smoking and socializing’ rather than working to earn their own fortune. 

What if she has a point? 

Steve Siebold, author of ‘How Rich People Think’ spent nearly three decades interviewing millionaires around the world to find out what separates them from everyone else. 

It had little to do with money itself, he told Business Insider. It was about their mentality.

“[The middle class] tells people to be happy with what they have,” he said. “And on the whole, most people are steeped in fear when it comes to money.”

Average people think MONEY is the root of all evil. Rich people believe POVERTY is the root of all evil.

“The average person has been brainwashed to believe rich people are lucky or dishonest,” Siebold…

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April 13, 2013

Building a home in four days flat at Milkwood Farm

April 11, 2013

‘Catch and Store Energy’ – how we do it at Milkwood Farm